About Nonlinear Medicine

Bringing Science, Soul and Art together to Heal

What I am most curious about....

Healing the curvature of our beings

Modern life has linearized us. We are told to think straight, walk straight and be straight. We are disconnected from the deep organic webs of relationship that sustain life and health: deep relationship with one-another, with nature, and with our authentic self. Linearization and disconnection are contributing to disease. But we can heal this. Through a combination of systems science, plant medicine, creative therapies, and healing circles, I help you re-connect with nature, with community and with self. I help you bring curvature and connection back to your being. This is where healing happens. 


Curvaceous Body

There are no straight lines in your biology. There are no separate parts. There are no linear cause-and-effect mechanisms. We are not machines. We are curvaceous beings.  Everything is interconnected. Our bodies are "complex adaptive systems" that must be nurtured, holistically, in order to rise into patterns of health. 


Curvaceous Soul

Your soul does not conform well to boxes. It wants to express its unique curvature. The unique curvature of your soul is like the unique curvature of your thumbprint - it is the signature expression of your being that you were brought into this world carrying. Your soul knows its Curve, and when nurtured to express it, you rise into your full expression of health.

Curvaceous Mind

An education that teaches us to "think straight" leaves us forgetting our other ways of knowing - ways that go beyond linear objective thinking - such as our creative, intuitive, and embodied knowledge systems. When you nurture your nonlinear ways of knowing, you awaken your entire being into knowing its truth and remembering the path of healing.