Revolution Medicine Course

6 month course revolutionizing the way we heal

by decolonizing our minds/bodies/spirits/communities from linear rule, 

and liberating our nonlinear indigenous gifts and knowledge

About Nonlinear Medicine and
Remembering The Language of Curvature

Modern life has linearized us. We are told to think straight, walk straight and be straight. We drive on grid-lines, memorize textbook lines and follow external outlines of who and how we should be who and how we are. We are lost to ourselves. Our minds, bodies and souls are flattened, oppressed, colonized, divided into boxes and cut into disciplines, disconnected from our authentic self and indigenous ways of knowing. We are disconnected from the deep organic webs of relationship that sustain life and health: deep relationship with one-another, with nature, and with the wholeness of our beings. This leaves us feeling tired, disconnected, flattened, and isolated. Linearization and disconnection are causing oppression and disease. But we can heal and liberate ourselves from this.


We heal and liberate by remembering of the language of Curvature. The language of Curvature is older than words, deeper than the page can hold; it comes to us from the Land, from the landscapes of the Universe, from our Spirits and Souls and collective knowing; it comes to us in the rhythm of our drum beats and heart beats; it is re-membered through our songs and stories and the articulations of our bones. It reconnects us in the places we didn't know were broken.  We need to remember the language of Curvature. 


Through a combination of Western and Indigenous science, nutrition and plant medicine, creativity medicine, and healing circles, I help people re-connect with the language of Curvature. I help people reconnect with nature, with community and with self. I help people bring curvature and connection back to their cells, self, society and biosphere. This is how liberation and healing happens.

About the Curvature of Body, Soul and Mind


Curvaceous Body

There are no straight lines in your biology. There are no separate parts. There are no linear cause-and-effect mechanisms. We are not machines. We are curvaceous beings.  

Everything is interconnected. Our bodies are "complex adaptive systems" that must be nurtured, holistically, in order to liberate their patterns of health. 


Curvaceous Soul

Your soul does not conform well to boxes. It wants to express its unique curvature. The unique curvature of your soul is like the unique curve of your thumbprint - it is the signature expression of your being that you were brought into this world carrying. Your soul knows its Curve, and when nurtured to express it, your soul rises into its full expression of health.


Curvaceous Mind

An education that teaches us to "think straight" leaves us forgetting our other ways of knowing - ways that go beyond linear objective thinking - such as our creative, intuitive, and embodied knowledge systems. When you nurture your nonlinear ways of knowing, you awaken your entire being into knowing its truth and remembering the path of healing.


Dr. Laura Batson

Naturopathic Doctor


My journey to become a naturopathic doctor began after reading the following passage from a complementary and alternative medicine book:


“In ancient and indigenous healing systems, medicine was not about the putting of things into the body but using external resources to help stimulate the internal resources of the body. The body heals itself and maintains it’s own health.”


I was nearing the end of my undergraduate degree in Biology and I knew the linear path I was on to become a medical doctor was about to take a turn. Rather than medical school, I enrolled in a postgraduate degree in Holistic Science where I was immersed in traditional and Indigenous knowledge systems, complexity theory and systems thinking, and the practice of intuition, spirit-dialogue and art-making as guides for scientific inquiry. 


Upon graduating, I was called to put this knowledge into practice as a holistic medical practitioner who honoured the wholeness and sacredness of healing, the power of plants and creativity in healing, and the recognition of one's innate resources to heal themselves.  This lead me to the study and practice of naturopathic medicine. I have been practicing as a naturopathic doctor in Canada and internationally, since 2012. 

2020 was a pivotal year. COVID-19, with it's disproportionate impacts on Black, Indigenous, and People of Colour, combined with the systemic racism and oppression revealed through the murder of George Floyd and the BLM movements, combined with the larger social/political/environmental crises, has woken an activist in me. It's time to liberate ourselves. It is time to re-member and liberate our Indigenous knowledge. It's time to show the world what we are made of. This activism has led me to create the course Revolution Medicine: healing at all levels of life. This course is the living adaptation of a book I curated while living and practicing in Egypt, called Curvature: the Science and Soul of Nonlinearity.