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The Book of Curvature


Curvature: The Science and Soul of Nonlinearity

“Integrating art, science, and spiritual wisdom, Laura Batson explores in a unique way what may be the most important development in twenty-first-century thought: the recognition of the importance of nonlinearity. A beautiful and inspiring book!”

— Fritjof Capra, author of The Tao of Physics, coauthor of  The Systems View of  Life: A Unifying Vision

About the Book

This is a book of art, science, poetry and spirit that tells the story curvature. We have forgotten the sense, science, and soul of curvature in our lives.

Literally, we have built square homes with square views and have paved paradise, no longer walking on uneven ground. We have lost the sense of curvature from under our feet. We have reduced our scientific understanding of the body and the earth to linear mathematics and mechanistic models. We have lost connection with nature's curves and cycles and nonlinear transformations.


Metaphorically, we have lost the value of curvature where curvature represents creativity, intuition, unpredictability, reciprocity, diversity and the feminine in all of us. Instead we have come to value the straight line and its metaphors: predictability, analytical thinking, control, competition, standardization and the masculine in all of us. Linearity is not bad but must be balanced. We have lost our nonlinear consciousness: the creative, intuitive and reciprocal relations and ways of knowing that maintain healthy balance in mind, body, soul and community.


Soulfully, we have lost the wisdom of curvature where curvature is the wisdom of re-membering our unique soul expressions in this world. Instead we find ourselves living lives in straight paths, memorizing steps that others have laid out for us, following "the straight and narrow", following external outlines of who and how we are to become who and how we are. We are soulfully lost. We are always reaching for the next goal but seldom remembering who we are. We have forgotten how to turn into ourselves. Our souls are naturally curvaceous. They want to bend around and into themselves. They want to become their potential. We must journey to remember our soul's unique curvature, to remember our way back home, and then to bring that curvaceous expression out into the world.


This book has now been translated into a course:

Revolution Medicine!

"Come, child, the medicine you memorize is not your deepest medicine. You must remember the medicine first given to you. 

Let go of the line and it will come to you."  

- Spirit Grandmother

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